Wajibu bora ukicheza



One of the main goals of Cheza Gaming Limited based in Kenya (the Company) is to provide our players with the best gaming experience and increase our players’ awareness of social and financial problems related to gaming.

The player should know that the use of our services should be fun and entertaining but may also be addictive and cause negative consequences in the player’s life. In order to ensure safe and enjoyable gaming, we fully support Responsible Gaming Policy and put various measures in place to offer checks.

Identity Checks

The Company provides services only to players over 18 (eighteen) years old or over other higher legal age in the country of the player’s residence.

At any time, the Company has the right to require reliable proof of the player’s place of residence and proof that the player is over 18 (eighteen) years old or the player is over other higher legal age in the country of the player’s residence, such as a copy of identity card, passport or other official document identifying the player and a copy of a utility bill issued in the last three months which shows the player’s name and address.


At any time, the player may request to temporarily suspend the account or to permanently close the account with no option of re-opening. In case of temporary suspension of the account, the player cannot use the Company’s services by the end of the suspension period.

In both cases, the player should send a request to the Company and specify the period of suspension or the date of account closure.

Activity Statements

All information regarding the player’s activity, such as account balance, gaming history, deposits and withdrawals is available online after logging into the account.

Gaming Addiction

Gaming addiction may be recognized by the player’s behaviour, in particular, when: (i) the player spends a lot of money on gaming, (ii) the player has poor work results; (iii) the player has problems with concentration; (iv) the player is confronted with relationship difficulties: (v) the player lies: (vi) the player has depression.

If gaming becomes an addiction, it is no longer entertainment. If the player notices any changes in his/her behaviour, he/she should take a break. Players with gaming addiction should not use the Company’s services. If necessary, the player should make contact with an organization providing advice and support for people suffering from gaming addiction.