Sera ya

Cheza Gaming Limited based in Kenya (the Company) understands the importance of confidentiality and privacy of the information relating to you and services provided to you. The information provided by you during the registration process and later are kept confidential for the Company’s purposes.

The Company collects the information about you directly from you, especially during the registration process and from the other persons/entities. This information mainly includes your personal information. The commonly available information or already possessed by the Company without the duty of confidentiality shall not be regarded as confidential.

The Company may also collect the information about your use of the Company Website, in particular about the frequency of the visits, the time spent on the Website and about the actions taken.

The Company stores the information relating to you in the Company’s databases in a manner which ensures their security and integrity. The Company undertakes actions and applies means to protect the information relating to you from the access by unauthorized persons.

The Company is permitted to use and disclose the information relating to you which are required for the provision of services.

The Company may use the information relating to you in order to provide the information and updates about the Company’s activity, including the promotion and marketing information, especially through your email or by the phone.

The Company has the right to disclose the information relating to you to the third parties, in particular in the following circumstances:

  1. in the cases provided by applicable law;
  2. at the request of a court or other relevant public authority;
  3. in order to take any necessary legal or administrative actions, including to pursue claims though the court or amicably;
  4. to the third parties to the extent required for the provision of the services to you;
  5. to complete the anti-money laundering procedures;
  6. to the Company’s professional advisors, provided that the advisor shall be informed about the confidentiality of provided information and obligated to maintain confidentiality;
  7. to the service providers who create, maintain or process databases, offer record keeping services, email transmission services, messaging services or similar services which aim to assist the Company collect, storage, process and use the information relating to you;
  8. to the service providers for statistical purposes;
  9. to the marketing service providers, especially to the call centres, in such case the Company shall disclose only your contact details;
  10. at your request or with your consent;
  11. to the affiliates of the Company or any other company in the same group;
  12. to the affiliates of the Company or any other company in the same group;
  13. in other necessary cases not provided in this point.

The telephone conversations between you and the Company may be recorded and kept by the Company. The recordings of conversations are the sole property of the Company. All such recordings of conversations may be used by the Company, among other things, in the case of a dispute between the Company and you. The Company is not obligated to make available the recordings of conversations to you.

You accept that the Company and any other affiliate of the Company or any other company in the group, may make direct contact with you, in particular by phone and email, in order to offer their services and products.

The Company shall not store the information relating to you longer than required. In many cases the information may be stored for considerable periods of time. The retention periods shall be determined considering the type of stored information and the purpose for which the information was collected.

At any time, you may request to change or delete the personal information. The Company shall change or delate the information in accordance with your instructions, except when their further storage is required by the applicable law or in order to secure the interest of the Company.